About Retriever Property

Retriever Property Enterprises, LLC is a real estate brokerage in Tallahassee, Florida.  After a number of years with companies (3 different companies over a span of about 16 years), I went on my own, and because I am the broker, I can name my company any darned thing I want.  So I named it after my favorite type of dog, the ever loyal and lovable retriever.  I am particular to Labrador Retrievers, but I like all retrievers.  Just wonderful characters, and I like to think I am a loyal type that will do my best to make humans around me happy, including my real estate customers.

Since I am a one-man shop (although I caravan homes monthly with a group of brokers with similarly populated offices), I am able to be flexible when it comes to commissions, and I also look after some rental properties for customers, in addition to the ones I own.

My husband and I are both FSU alums, we have three grown daughters, and we are avid distance runners.  We have directed the local marathon and half marathon for a number of years and can often be found running miles on the trails and roads in the community.

Please call me at 850-545-7074 if you are interested in finding a place to buy or you have a place to sell in beautiful Leon County, Florida.

Cheers, nancy


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